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Classic-Oldtimer ID: 3352 - Private Anzeige

1957 Mercedes 190SL for restoration

The car is needing special attention for restoration of the interior and undercarriage,The exterior body of the car still good condition, there is have not any accident damage, the frame still good condition, the trunk of the floors also is good condition, and the transmission is working properly, the engine turns run well to start up, but the car still not yet to roadworthy, Since the all mechanical systems is needing to be checked prior to driven, and the car is excellent project to convert it back to great condition, And the actually car location at, Jl. Raja Ali Haji Komp Roma Sumatra Blok.B21, Batam Island,IDN, if you are interest to purchase the car, Please email further information about the car.


25.000,00 €




Elisabeth Selbert Str 9c
45329 Essen
Nordrhein-Westfalen / Deutschland


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