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Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto

Kilometerstand: • Leistung: 0 • Baujahr: -

ID: 1494 • Privat • Saxtorp, Österreich

€ 40.000,00
MarkeAlfa Romeo
Typsonstige Modelle
The Alfa Romeo Spider is the longest produced model in the world dating from 1966-1994. The model I am selling here has many names. Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto is what we would call it in Scandinavia. In Italy, it would however be Ossi di Seppia. In America, it is most known as Alfa Romeo Roundtail Spider. The beautiful Pininfarina design has stood the test of time and I think it still looks amazing.

Exterior: The red paint has had a touch up over the years and still looks good. There is no rust or bubbles to be seen on the car but traces of use have accumulated here and there over the years. It is today a car to use and have fun with. The black soft top looks good and there is the original convertible cover.

Interior: The Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto Spider has black leather on the seats and the rest of the car is in the original black vinyl. The Jaeger instruments are good and doing their job. In the trunk, the Alfa Romeo Spider has the original rubber carpet and underneath the spare wheel and original jack in their place.

Alfa Spider the longest produced model
Engine: In my opinion, the best thing with the Alfa Romeo 160 Duetto is the design. However, the second best thing is for sure the engine. Even with todayís standard, the 1600 Duetto feels remarkably happy and pulls through the revs. Considering the car is from 1966, I think the performance is staggering. Still the car is easy to operate, if you want to drive in to the city centre for a cappuccino. The raspy exhaust note will put a smile on any classic car enthusiast. The gearbox is a notorious Alfa problem and this one is just fine and shifts through the gears easily.

History: This is a very early Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto Spider and in the Swedish papers it is year model 1966. The Spider was sold new here in Sweden and has been with the same owner since 1994. It comes with the original handbook and Technical Inspection documents collected over the years. In Sweden, the Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto Spider does not have to go through Technical Control anymore.


Scoutvägen 25
26193 Saxtorp
Salzburg Österreich


mail  michael.schiebler@gmail.com
phone  46707658904


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