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Alfa Romeo Giulia SS 1600 Sprint Speziale

Kilometerstand: 2.033 km (1.263 mi) • Leistung: 116 PS (85 kW) • Baujahr: 01/1966
Das Fahrzeug steht in TC Rijssen und kann gerne vor Ort begutachtet werden.

ID: 3224 • Händler • TC Rijssen, Niederlande

€ 157.500,00
MarkeAlfa Romeo
ModellSS 1600 Sprint Speziale
Baujahr / EZ01/1966
Zustand1: Makelloser Zustand. Keine Mängel, Beschädigungen oder Gebrauchsspuren
Leistung116 PS (85 kW)
Kilometerstand2.033 km (1.263 mi)
Hubraum1.570 ccm
Zylinder4 Zylinder
Anzahl Türen2
The name says it all: “special”. And for sure this Alfa Romeo can be called that. Because with a production number of 1366 pieces in total, this can certainly be called exclusive. And what about the styling? The renowned designer Franco Scaglione working for Bertone, delivered at the time an absolute masterpiece that actually belongs in an art museum, but which, although very rarely, can be seen on the road. Very special is that the aerodynamic body has a drag coefficient of only 0.28. Truly unique at that time, and even for the next two decades, because it was only then that it was surpassed.

This Giulia Sprint Speciale is one of the last copies delivered and was registered in 1966. It is the 1600cc. version, which means that the 116 bhp 4-cylinder DOHC engine, connected to a wonderful smooth shifting five-speed gearbox, only has to move 860 kg. All this is done with such flexibility and ease of use that every kilometer is a true joy. The great enjoyment also continues when you see the beautiful interior, where every detail proves that the total restoration that this car has recently undergone, has been one of a high class. We personally kept an eye on this restoration and many photos testify to a thorough “bare metal” and professional approach. After it was fineshed, the car only made the test kilometers and we now have a great Giulia SS on display. And we are very happy about this, because an SS of this quality is very hard to find.

The car is completely original. Even the beautiful and expensive Borrani spoke rims were at the time available as an option.
Alfa Romeo guarantees superbly driving cars, and when all that beautiful technique is fitted in a body that has no equal in terms of styling, then you must be envied as the owner of something so beautiful, right?

Engine: 4 cilinder in line DOHC
Carburetors: 2 x double Weber 45 carburettor
Engine capacity: 1570 cc.
Power: 116 bhp at 6500 rpm
Topspeed: 191 km/h
Weight: 860 kg.
Transmission: 5 speed, manual

Borrani wire wheels


Nijverdalseweg 117 D
7461 TC Rijssen
Overijssel Niederlande


mail  dick@bloemendaalcs.nl
phone  +31(0)651991580


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