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  9. Wunderschön: Ford Escort Mk1 1600 GT Mexico im Angebot

Wunderschön: Ford Escort Mk1 1600 GT Mexico im Angebot

Kilometerstand: 32.827 km (20.398 mi) • Leistung: 86 PS (63 kW) • Baujahr: 06/1974
Zu verkaufen: Ford Escort Mk1 1600 GT Mexico mit einem Kilometerstand von 32827km und einer Erstzulassung aus dem Jahr 1974. Das Fahrzeug kann in TC Rijssen besichtigt werden.

ID: 4300 • Händler • TC Rijssen, Niederlande

€ 67.500,00
ModellMk1 1600 GT Mexico
Baujahr / EZ06/1974
Zustand1: Makelloser Zustand. Keine Mängel, Beschädigungen oder Gebrauchsspuren
Matching NumbersJa
Leistung86 PS (63 kW)
Kilometerstand32.827 km (20.398 mi)
Hubraum1.601 ccm
Zylinder4 Zylinder
Anzahl Türen2
MILEAGE: 32827 km
PRICE: €67.500,=
COLOR: Sebring Red with black interior
PARTICULARS : Recently fully restored by Ford Escort specialist Erwin Doctor Historic Motorsport, better than new and provided with some usefull period options

A rare opportunity
We can for sure speak of a rare opportunity when, as an interested party in a very real Ford Escort Mk1 1600 GT Mexico, you come across this beauty. Originally delivered in Sweden, the car was discovered there 5 years ago by Erwin Doctor, renowned Dutch rally driver and, with his company Erwin Doctor Historic Motorsport, the specialist of the classic Ford Escort Mk1 and Mk2.. Some time after this discovery, the car was ready for the new owner. Not in an extreme rally trim, but an improved standard version. A perfectly correct and very original Mexico from front- to rear bumper. The Mexico is very hard to find nowadays. You still see them, but mostly those are are look-a- likes, standard Escorts that have been converted, with or without good intentions. So not the real thing.

This Mk 1 in the bright color Sebring Red and registered on 30-06-1974 is a very real one, and therefore the car was certainly eligible to leave it original with only a few added options as were available at the time. Period accessories so to say. We mention the roll over bar, in fact half a roll cage, which is safe protection if you ever suddenly see the world upside down, the typical RS alloy wheels in the nice old-fashioned small dimensions of 5.5 J x 13, the wonderful bucket seats covered with a bit of sweaty artificial leather, which is of course all part of it if we want to drive a seventies car. The Cibie lights at the front, in a high beam and wide beam version, just like the factory rally cars had. And they can be dismantled in no time if you think it’s a bit too wild. And of course a period steering wheel should be mounted for the correct grip. In terms of chassis, Bilstein shock absorbers are mounted all around to keep the wheels on the road in the best possible way. The upper mounting points of the rear shock absorbers are at this car placed higher, just like on the Mk2, which clearly shows that it is a very late-built car, because sheet metal parts from the Mk2 were already used at that time.

It is clear, otherwise we cannot say that the car has been completely restored, that all technology has been overhauled or replaced where necessary, and therefore everything functions as new. The same applies to the super sleek body (the underside is also completely in color and therefore as new) where Erwin’s experienced sheet metal worked at, knowing exactly how an Escort is put together and how originality should be strived for. Pure professionalism. And we are happy to agree with that. Only with this as a starting point can you advise the next owner in an honest way and explain why this is one of the best Ford Escort’s Mk1 1600 GT Mexico on the market.

Do you also look back with pleasure on the time when you still had to work in a car? Where boring don’t exsist and you are constantly reminded of how nice it is to be the driver of a super handling and wonderful, real driver’s car. One that brings an approving smile from fellow road users. One where the costs of maintenance are peanuts compared to many other classic cars. One that retains its value and with a bit of luck might increase in value. But above all: a car that shows you every kilometer why you are a car enthusiast. And that’s the most important thing, isn’t it?

Engine: 4 cylinder inline
Engine capacity: 1601 cc.
Power: 86 bhp at 5500 rpm
Topspeed: 165 km/h
Weight: 891 kg.
Transmission: 4 speed manual

RS alloy wheels 5.5 Jx13
Springalex steering wheel
4 x Cibie fog and spot lights
Period bucket seats
3 point seat belts
Gr 1 Bilstein front and rear schockabsorbers
Battery placed in trunk


Nijverdalseweg 117 D
7461 TC Rijssen
Overijssel Niederlande


mail  dick@bloemendaalcs.nl
phone  +31(0)651991580


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