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Chevrolet Camaro

Kilometerstand: 40.000 km (24.855 mi) • Leistung: 167 PS (123 kW) • Baujahr: 01/1979
Klassiker Chevrolet Camaro mit einem Kilometerstand von 40000km und einer Erstzulassung aus dem Jahr 1979. Das Fahrzeug kann in Vilnius besichtigt werden.

ID: 3612 • Händler • Vilnius, Lithuania

€ 24.900,00
Baujahr / EZ01/1979
Leistung167 PS (123 kW)
Kilometerstand40.000 km (24.855 mi)
Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for sale

This is not an original Z28

Production year 1979

Engine 5,7l 167 HP

Automatic gearbox

Air condition

The body and chassis of the car have been completely disassembled, all parts have been renewed or replaced with new ones. The inside is covered with anti-corrosion wax, the bottom is covered with anti-corrosion bituminous coating. The chassis and halves are sandblasted, covered with a layer of epoxy primer and painted. New shock absorbers, new wheel bearings and updated chassis components were added. A new brake master cylinder, distributor and rear cylinders have been installed, and the front brake cylinders have been reassembled. All brake pipes have been repainted (do not change because they were in good condition).

The engine was replaced, installed a 5.7 L V8 (according to the codes, the original second generation Camaro), it came out of the factory with a 4.1 L engine. The car was classified as a restored vehicle, all replaced engine assemblies are original and meet the factory requirements of the time. New matching original exhaust system. The engine was repainted, new gaskets, water pump and water hoses were installed, a new thermocouple for the impeller, a new fuel pump and fuel hoses. Carburator and ignition adjusted, filters and oils changed. The gearbox has been completely re-selected with the original \\\"Stage II\\\" kit, the gear lever MR. Gasket V-matic II (is original with all cables and levers).

The interior is original, neat. New door and trunk sealing rubbers, new interior carpet and sill trims were installed. New exterior door handles, original Z28 exterior trim and original Z28 decals.

There are photos of works and accumulated documentation. I will also give the Haynes Repair Manual and the GM Factory Assembly Manual, which were followed during the work. The car is always parked in a warm, dry garage, after the restoration it has driven 300 km.

The car was bought in 2006, brought from Germany. Bought with partial body restoration. The body was in good condition, some of the work that had been done had to be corrected and rust removed in hidden areas such as the glass or interior gaps. In the course of the car\\\'s restoration, the body paint was scrubbed, primed with an epoxy primer, ironed and re-coated with a regular primer. The bottom was covered with an anti-corrosion coating before the work began. It\\\'s all shaved off, stripped of the underlying rust, and coated with an epoxy primer and anti-corrosion coating. It is advisable to additionally preserve the bottom by spraying a preservative (this work was not done). The interior was scrubbed, rust removed, epoxy primed and preservative coated. The car was painted in 2020 and has been kept in a dry garage since and until then. Operated very minimally and only on warm sunny days. Original Z28 trim and Z28 decals installed.

The car was bought without an engine. A replacement engine, a 5.7L V8, was later purchased. Originally from the factory, the Camaro rolled out with the 4.1L L6 engine. Engine runs beautifully, no smoke, mileage unknown. The engine has had external seals, sump, water pump, spark plugs and wiring replaced. Ignition and carburetor adjusted according to factory settings. The car has an A/C system, all components are complete, but the pipeline sealing rubbers, precipitator (I will add a new precipitator) and the system need to be replaced. A new impeller thermal coupling was installed. A new exhaust system was made.

Gearbox TH350. After installing the engine, the oil radiator and engine coolant leaked into the gearbox. After this incident, the gearbox was reassembled with a new repair kit and the radiator was installed separately. Thanks to the Stage II repair kit, the shift speed can be adjusted by adjusting the vacuum valve. A HURST V-Matic II shifter with a new cable and a new set of shifter springs was added.

The chassis and halves of the car were completely disassembled, sandblasted and covered with epoxy primer and anti-corrosion paint. Installed aluminum half-frame and body bushings. Brake pipes and front calipers renewed, rear calipers replaced with new ones. The master cylinder and distributor have been replaced with a new one. The shock absorbers are installed new with additional stability springs. Wheels Centerline Dager R16.

Updated dashboard, malfunctioning electronics restored, All devices work. The engine\\\'s ignition distributor was renewed, the play in the saddles was removed and a new cover with a washer was installed. The interior is original, the driver\\\'s seat has a small tear. The rear windowsill and the roof are covered with new material. New original carpet installed. Additionally glued vibro insulation.

There are also many other small things in the car that have been replaced with new ones or refurbished old ones.

Location: Lithuania

Delivery is available.

Approximate delivery prices tо countries:
to USA (New Jersey) from 3000 USD
to UK (London) from 700 EUR
to Italy (Milan) from 750 EUR
to Belgium (Brussels) from 500 EUR
to Spain (Barcelona) from 900 EUR
to Austria (Vienna) from 600 EUR
to Germany (Berlin) from 400 EUR
to Germany (Frankfurt) from 600 EUR
to France (Paris) from 700 EUR

Please contact us for actual delivery price.


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04111 Vilnius
Vilnius Lithuania


mail  info@oldtimeragency.com
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