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Historisch zugelassen: Jaguar XK

Kilometerstand: 46.003 km (28.585 mi) • Leistung: 213 PS (157 kW) • Baujahr: 02/1955
Das Fahrzeug steht in TC Rijssen und kann gerne vor Ort begutachtet werden.

ID: 4293 • Händler • TC Rijssen, Niederlande

€ 127.500,00
Modell140 3.4 OTS SE
Baujahr / EZ02/1955
Zustand1: Makelloser Zustand. Keine Mängel, Beschädigungen oder Gebrauchsspuren
Matching NumbersJa
Leistung213 PS (157 kW)
Kilometerstand46.003 km (28.585 mi)
Hubraum3.442 ccm
Zylinder6 Zylinder
Anzahl Türen2
What a shape!

According to many, an OTS (Open Two Seater) is the most beautifully designed Jaguar. We are happy to agree with that, to be honest. Such a body is a great beauty to see. Beautiful flowing shapes and exactly the right proportions in terms of length of the front and rear of the car. With the sporty two-person interior in between. In this case, equipped with the most beautiful dark red leather imaginable. No fancy wood accents like on the Drop Head Coupe, but just everything in leather, with all the instruments that provide the driver with the necessary information in the center of the dashboard. The leading role here is reserved for the tachometer, which really wants to go as far as possible as proof that the 3.4 liter 6-cylinder DOHC (Double Overhead Camshaft) engine is capable of great things.

This certainly applies to the XK 140 that we offer here, because this is the SE version (Special Equipment). That is the version that produces the most horsepower, namely 213 bhp. Not insignificant, and that is clearly noticeable. The flexibility that accompanies this ability is truly amazing. Every kilometer provides pleasure for the occupants, but also amazement about how it is possible that a car from, in this case 1955, can drive so well, with a top speed of well over 200 km/h. A little respect for technology is in order, so we stick to nice revs and a little speeding from time to time to keep the engine burning clean. For the purist it is good to know that the car is completely “Matching Numbers” and is also equipped with an original 4-speed manual transmission.

The OTS is also called Roadster and its typical features are a beautiful, slim and chrome-plated windshield frame and removable side windows. The soft top can be neatly stored behind the seats. Setting up and folding the soft top requires a little more work than the DHC needs.. In practice, we hardly drive with the roof on, so we cannot speak of a disadvantage. In addition to the new side windows, this car also comes with a handy tonneau cover with which the interior can be covered in no time. Not a cheap vinyl copy, but precisely tailored from the most beautiful black mohair fabric.

A total of 3,356 units of the Open Two Seater were produced from 1954 to 1957, of which 74 were right-hand drive and 3,282 were left-hand drive. This XK 140 OTS was initially delivered to an American owner in accordance with the included Jaguar Heritage Certificate and found its way back to Europe in 2015. A Dutch owner then took care of a complete restoration. And we mean complete! For major work such as the engine overhaul, sheet metal work and paint job, he used the professional services of renowned specialists.

Many original new parts were used during the restoration and old parts were overhauled where possible. Various improvements have also been made, such as the installation of electronic ignition, an aluminum fuel tank and a high-performance aluminum radiator. Things that are really useful, and increases operational reliability and therefore also the enjoyment of this beautiful classic car. Everything shows that no expense has been spared.

However, due to various circumstances, the car has been used little and has only been driven about 1000 km since the restoration. Now that we have been asked to find a new owner, this is an excellent opportunity for the true enthusiast to own a very real and “like new” Jaguar XK 140 OTS SE.

Engine: 6 cylinder inline DOHC
Carburetors: 2 x SU H6 carburetor
Engine capacity: 3442 cc.
Power: 213 bhp at 5750 rpm.
Torque: 289 Nm. at 4000 rpm.
Topspeed: 220 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h: 11 sec
Weight: 1346 kg
Transmission: 4 speed manual

Electronic ignition
Aluminum petrol tank
Stainless steel exhaust system
High performance aluminum radiator
Black painted 72 spoke wire wheels
Mohair soft top, black
Mohair tonneau cover, black
Wooden steering wheel


Nijverdalseweg 117 D
7461 TC Rijssen
Overijssel Niederlande


mail  dick@bloemendaalcs.nl
phone  +31(0)651991580


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